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I am Hardik, a web designer and computer technician located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have a degree in Computer Information System, with an emphasis in Computer and Business. I have built this site to provide Computer Service to my guests. I began computer training from the year 2000. At the first I was going around friends and families houses and repairing their computers. I taught them everything from burning CDs, scanning pictures, help with transferring songs from iPod, printer problem and many other things while charging a low price. I enjoyed each and every puzzle computer technology brings.

I have started to help small businesses and individuals with building site. I believe when you are building a site, you are not just competing with your neighbor but you are also in the world market. On January 2008, I helped my friend, Lars, with building his Jaja band site (www.jajabandentertainments.com). In this site I have amassed a large set of skills. These skills include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have also knowledge of Ruby on Rails, AJAX, PHP, SQL, and Oracle as well as my skills as a professionally trained and designer and artist. See my project here

In addition to these, I also provide consulting services, set up computer systems at home or businesses, reviewing web sites offering ideas and solutions to improve productivity, functionality and overall effectiveness. From last several months I have been researching on internet piracy that includes software piracy and movie piracy. I believe that I might have solution to cut down illegal downloading happening around the world. If you are in movie industry and would like to cut down some of the internet piracy, I might be able to help you.

Though this site I am expending my service; while advertising my site. Thanks for visiting my site. Please contact me if you need something to fixed.


“Don't fix something that is not broke”


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